About us

We have more than 15 years of experience helping Spanish wineries to export their wines and cavas around the world. This has allowed us to know many Spanish wineries from almost all regions, so we have accumulated a great knowledge about Spanish wines.

We offer our external help both to foreign importers helping them to find Spanish wines and cavas, and to Spanish wineries helping them to export their wines and cavas.

Thanks to our wide knowledge of the Spanish wine market, we can find and offer the wine you are looking for. Fortunately among the Spanish wines there is a very varied range of qualities and prices to be able to satisfy any need. But it is necessary on the buyer’s side, to give a clear specification of what they are looking for.

Having traveled the world where wine is consumed, we have been able to understand how the different countries see Spanish wine and how the markets have evolved commercially over the years. In this way, we can focus each wine towards the most suitable “targets”, always taking into account the type of wine, the quality and the price.

In 2018 we decided to develop a new project creating our own wine brands with attractive designs, and focusing especially on exports. After an arduous search and tasting task, we have already launched two brands with highly selected wines on the market.

Our goal is to offer consumers nice wines at reasonable prices.